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Hi Mike, Hope you were finally able to thaw out. :-) I wanted to send you a few pics of Adelaide and we call her Ade. She is an amazing dog; has wonderful drives and learns very quickly. She is also growing like a weed. We have been redirecting, after you and I talked, and it works beautifully. Could not be happier! I will keep in touch with Ade's progress. :-)



I just wanted to take a minute and thank both of you gentlemen for a such a wonderful animal. Ayko is awesome! He has adjusted well to his new environment and so far is everything I want for my next sport dog. Philip, you have been awesome to deal with. You have taken the time to discuss Ayko with me in detail and answer any questions that I might have had. Mike, thanks for the quick responses and keeping me posted on the sale Ayko. I am planning on visiting O.G. Indy sometime when Akyo is a little older. You gentlemen are an excellent resource for quality working dogs. Thanks again!

Mike Kennedy


just wanted to give you a quick update on Dredd, and how well he is doing. He has really become a part of our family, in fact he's pretty much the center of our attention, I suppose because our kids are almost grown. We laugh at ourselves when he has a "puppy moment" that we couldn't be satisfied with just peace and quiet in our lives LOL! Dredd has so much personality, he's a real clown! He's learned that Mom's ponytail is NOT a tug toy, but Dad's carhartts are fair game! He is extremely smart and easy to train, which makes it so much fun... I've never had a dog that was so strong with eye contact. He is interested in everything and afraid of nothing. I could talk about him for hours! Thank you so much for raising him so well... I have to say, with his excellent bloodlines, his good looks, and his important puppy months spent with you, Dredd is going to be our "once in a lifetime" dog.


Eick Pup

I figured that you might like to see a couple pictures of my Eick puppy who is now 13 weeks old and 34.4 pounds. As you can see she has great bone, nice blocky head and is really pretty stocky for a growing puppy. She has quite an attitude and with lots of drive, very stubborn and loves to beat up my 2 year old male. She is very determined and almost impossible to distract when she really wants something. She is definitely going to be a strong dog and a handful to work with but those can be the best ones to work. She will go right back in the adult dogs faces if they try to take something from her completely fearless to almost everything. She is not overly social with people she does not know, not aggressive just ignores everyone around her when she is out in public. I'll send more pictures of her once she gets a bit bigger and finishes teething if you want.

Cheers, Chris

Grant z Diehlomov

2013 Mid Eastern Regional Champion HOT with Carolyn S. Daniel, High Scoring Protection, High Scoring HOT: 95-90-95.

Irmus x Nisha pups

Hi Mike, The pups are doing great. Tikaani (mine) is doing great on the tracks and has been introduced to cadaver. She has a natural sit so I am going to work that as her alert which makes things much easier. Her tracks are about 30 yards long with a corner in them right now and we are placing food very far apart. Probably another week and we won’t be using food in the tracks at all. I think she will be a natural tracker. I am not sure if she is a mouser or not but she brought a dead mouse into the house the other day and proudly delivered it to my husband. It had not been dead very long and our other dog was in the house so I’m not sure if she killed it or not. Either way, she was very proud. She likes to jump in my arms when I call her which is a great start to her re-finds. She has lots of natural tendencies that will work great for training. I learned that our Sheriff’s office is interested in having some drug dogs so we will likely work some drugs with them as well. My brother’s dog (Yukon) is doing great as well. We will introduce him to cadaver this weekend and his tracking is going very well. He too is doing longer tracks with less food and he seems to have a natural down so Mike will likely encourage that for his alerts. They have all be down the slides at the park, traveled to several stores to meet people and know how to use the dog doors. If we could just get them to understand they can use the dog door to go outside and poop we will have it made. They are all sleeping through the night which is heaven. Janet’s dog (Chocco) is doing tracks and because she will be using him for her job with the park service, she is starting him on drugs and he really likes it. I haven’t seen him work since she is in Jackson Hole but she indicated that she is very pleased with how well he is doing with the drug work. They all did great on the plane ride home with hardly a peep out of them the entire trip. It was over 3 hours on the first leg and they basically just slept as soon as the plane started rolling. All very nice pups and we are very pleased with them. They have outstanding nerves and nothing seems to bother them which is great. I will forward you some pictures and I have others at home that I will send to you as well.

Thanks for the great dogs. I believe they will have very successful careers, Sam Heigh

Minka z Diehlomov

Minka has a serious prey drive and vigorously tackles anything that moves no matter how big, including that big blue teething ball you teased me about :) She picks that thing up and shakes it around. Take a look at the size of this BRANCH she decided to attack. She also has an awesome nose! I already know her tracking characteristics when she has smelled something gross and/or dead to eat. She will smell something from across the yard and pretty much beeline to it, with a little bit of casting around. Then, I was sitting on the floor and opened up a Tupperware container of dried fruit for myself and she instantly (I mean QUICK) leaped over me and actually had her nose in the fruit! Good thing I am still a bit faster than her. She is a super nice puppy and has acclimated really well since day 1 of getting her home. Like I said before, I am impressed.

Jan Wolf "Fact is merely what enough people believe, and truth lies only in how fervently they believe it."


Pup is safe and happy. He was confident and happy as soon as he arrived. He walked into our house liked he owned the place. Very friendly and quick to learn. Knows were to go to the bathroom already and hasn't peed in the house even once. He is the perfect dog (noughty, but purfect). Exactly what I wanted, everybody here loves him and we couldn't be more pleased. I will send out the balance of the money right away. I am just wondering what is his registered name??



I have an Erri/Crow daughter. Her name is Rayne and I just am head over heels for her. She is my little tuff girl. I am very lucky to have an Erri daughter. She has rock solid nerves and just an awesome temperament. I contacted you quite a while ago about a puppy, but you didn't have any females available at the time. Later, I saw this litter advertised on your web site. I currently compete in Schutzhund and AKC obedience with my 6 year old shepherd. Rayne is going to be my up and coming competition dog. Saturday I trained with Placer County Schutzhund Club with John Riboni and Jim Lempner. That is where these pictures were taken. I have also included the picture I used on my Christmas cards. I am very proud and privileged to have an Erri daughter!

Sincerely, Tonia Hanson


Hey Mike, I had Sig out today for training…wow what a BIG difference a few months made with him. Thanks so much for doing such a nice job with him for me. Steve told me today his bite was stronger than when he left to go to your place and he was really anxious today to do his bitework. Yes, you were right he absolutely loves it. His obedience came along nicely also. I have no problem with him at all now. Even my 11 year old daughter can take him for a walk without him walking her. Lol We had a lady that does our website come out for a photo shoot today and he really surprised me with how well he listened and cooperated, was very calm and stayed put with little reinforcement. He’s got me more motivated now in the training since I can handle him better now I’m not as frustrated trying to learn. I’m glad I sent him.

Thanks again! Maria


Hey Mike! Thought I'd send this pic of Wyatt hanging out on a table! No environmental issues here! He's doing well. I'll send you a video clip of us doing some obedience later this weekend. He's exactly what the family needed after losing Logan. He's Sean's "brother" in a sense...always following him, bringing Sean a ball to throw. He barks when the doorbell rings, but calms down once he understands that it's all good. He is a handful, but as long as we give him plenty of time to exercise & work on basic obedience tasks, he's fine. Can't thank you enough, Mike! Have a great New Year and we'll stay in touch!


Yukon and Tikaani

Hi Mike, Hope the new year finds you well. I thought you might like a picture of Yukon and Tikaani on their first birthday, January 16. They had just finished working an area and did very well. As soon as the snow leaves we should be able to certify both in at least cadaver and wilderness airscent. Both are also doing extremely well with wilderness tracking so I anticipate a certification there very soon as well. Absolutely great dogs. Hopefully you will still be in the business in a couple years when we start looking for more pups. Thanks for the great dogs. We are very pleased with them. They have great drive and they really enjoy working.

Sam Heigh


Zabo still doing great. What a fabulous dog! He's very very protective of the family. Some people are afraid to even come in the house when Zabo is outside. I walked out back last week behind a guy who was going to do some work in the backyard. I had forgotten how Zabo was and I had to grab Zabo and hold him while the guy ran back in the house. He's so gentle with us we forget sometimes what he is to others...!! He swims a lot in his pool to keep cool. Zabo is doing very well and is happy in his new home. We sure do love him.

Chuck and Karen


Sir, My name is Gil Villajuan and I purchased a female pup from one of Stormfront Brawnson's' daughter Olena vom Tondu owned by Tammy Tondu a police officer from Milwaukee, WI. This dog is the best working German Shepherd I have ever owned. I just want to thank you for your hard work in producing the best working dogs ever. When I purchased Alena from Officer Tondu, I did not know what to expect. I just trusted her words since she is a very good friend and an outstanding police officer. But I was floored from the day she entered my home. She immediately bonded with me and the whole family including my 2 small children. It did not take a long time for Alena to show her caliber of protectiveness. She is not even 2 years old now (not until 01/05/06)and already displaying her nerves of steel and very alert of her surroundings. Her dominant barking is like my personal home alarm system. And I can pretty much distinguish the difference of her bark from a warning bark to an attack mode bark. There are a few occurrences when she has proven herself to be a reliable protection dog as well as a loving companion and at this point the whole neighborhood knows about my dog. I am confident leaving my 2 children alone with Alena and knowing that she will lay her life for us makes me sleep better at night. Again, Thank you for your expertise. I was wondering if you can email me some pictures of the great and legendary Stormfront's Branson.

Gil Villajuan

Darko vom Haus Tyson

Can u post the pics on Erri progeny page and the e-mail on testimonial page? Hi Mike, here are the pictures of Erri and Pixa pup. He is 5 months and Great. He is very drivy but a nice puppy to be around. He is very friendly and also thinks he is a watch dog. I have raised a lot of puppies, but he is special.

Merry Christmas Patty Kirkwood

Eick & Buscar

Hi Mike, Just wanted to let you know my Eick pup put of Aline Di Dranel just passed his test to become a member of NJ Task Force ! USAR team at 22 months old. The hardest part of it all was getting him to out as his drive increased. We got it licked though . He is a wonderful partner. Sorry to hear about Eicks passing. I have attached a pic of us working a deployment training in W. VA He's a compact 70 pounds but all business. All the best with your new dog

Sarah Atlas Back Policia-Slovakia a.k.a. Buscar NJ Task Force 1

Erri and Ria Pup

Hey Mike, The pup is doing awesome. He is growing real fast and looks amazing. He is very well mannered in the house and will never let me out of his sight. As soon as I get up to move from one room to the next he gets up and follows me. Usually two or three times a day, once when it is dark and another time or two when it is light out I give him a walk through town to get him used to different things. Nothing phases him, dogs can be barking at the end of their leashes, people can ride bikes past, cars and trucks drive by and he just trots beside me all alert like he is the king. His favourite thing though is playing ball or tug in the back yard though. Anything I try to teach him he learns real fast, knowing that if he does it there is a treat as a reward. I am more and more impressed with him as time goes by. Thanks allot for the awesome dog we are having a blast.


Happy Birthday Erri x Ria 2010 litter!

Hi Mike, just thought I would let you know that Minka is totally awesome. Somehow she gets more awesome everyday! I can't find a single flaw - she is cute, athletic, tough, full mouth calm grip, responsive, good in the house, and still social with animals and kids. I couldn't be more happy with my pup. Next week she goes in for prelim hips and elbows. I'll let you know the results. Hope all is well with you and the crew.

Jan Wolf

Minka Passes her BH

Hi Mike! wanted you to know that yesterday Minka passed her BH at Greater Schutzhund Club with Judge Nikki Banfield. It was the O.G. Edgerton trial but Greater helped us put it on since all the members were busy trying to title their dogs. Nikki told me personally that Minka "is a really nice little dog and our routine was excellent." The critique of the BH routine that she told the audience was that this was what they are looking for and that you can see the focus and relationship between the dog and handler (or something nice like that). The sit in motion, down in motion, recall and finish were excellent. The heeling for the most part was excellent - no crowding or going wide with good focus and drive, however we did have a little lagging especially on the right hand turns and in group. I know that we need to work on drive over the long haul when there isn't periodic reward. I've included a link to a couple of pictures from the trial and from some bite work Minka had done the week before. She is doing well in both tracking and protection. She is actually starting to get sassy during the bite work and bit me in the knee TWICE last week when I was trying to get her to heel away from the helper. I like sassy ;) As I always end my letters to you, I love my dog and thank you.

Jan Wolf


What a great pup! His temperament is so solid, I can't believe it. Explored our house with full confidence, completely comfortable during his first visit to the vet's office, and has just the right balance of wanting to be with me and being independent. His first day here he was out exploring the yard and spotted our hammock that had a big black pillow that had come partially loose, and was hanging from it by one string. He stopped and stared not knowing what to make of it from about 15 feet away, tail up, then charged it and immediately bit it and started pulling! That natural reaction is from a disposition and temperament from the heart and could never be trained for to get such a result. Started him in a tracking box (how he is getting at least one of his meals a day), and also did his first track. He shows great intensity, and keeps focused. I'm not going to have any excuses if he doesn't turn out! Thanks again Mike, I couldnt be happier. Keep you posted.



We went to Lowes today. We walked in and out of every shed they had in the parking lot, then we walked by the front of the store where he got to check out the plants, lawn mowers, BBQ's and other displays. Quinn climbed up on the flat carts, watched a gal push a noisy one with a broken wheel right past us, and watched with interest as a truck pulling a trailer that also made a lot of noise drove by. As we walked near the last door, the clerk said we could go inside. You would have thought Quinn owned the place or at least had been there several times. He was checking out nook and crannies, climbing on the different types of metal shelves even the thin wire ones or the diamond pattern wire ones without any hesitation. He even laid down on the wire shelf and surveyed his domain. At one point he even got "the zoomies" which was very entertaining. Quinn is unbelievable! I LOVE this guy.


Short but really sweet!

As you know, Minka will be 8 months old on January 11th. Today, Minka had her second bite work session with Rolando. You would have been proud! In the interest of keeping it short I will just tell you the comments Rolando made after Minka's first bite ever on a puppy sleeve - "ow, that bitch bites" and "I can't get my hand out of the sleeve." Then he moved up to the soft sleeve. Rolando's comments after two "send her" four-off-the-floor spinning catches were "she'll bite anything put in front of her" and "she bites like her dad." High compliments for sure. Rolando was impressed with Minka's courage and drive as well as the depth and strength of her bite. What a great day! What a great breeding! (Eri x Ria)

Jan Wolf


Here is a picture of Waldo von Holtgrew at a show with his owner. He has his RA and CD. His mother is Corida Mapes by Erri z Blatenskeho zamku.

Hope all is well, Jennifer Holtgrew

Yedda x Erri pup

He is every bit of what I was hoping for. The first night he was a little layed back but HOLY COW since the second day he's been awesome. Each day he get's better and better. He's not afraid of anything and he constantly hanging off my pant legs or biting my feet (which really hurts), but I love it.... My 9 year old female adopted him and they play all the time and I can trust her to not get to rough with him, although I think he'd be just fine and hold his own. My husbands 5 year female which is a very dominating bitch is still a little rough. We haven't put them together yet only through a kennel. He is so funny he's not scared of her at all in fact he goes over to her kennel and tries to stick his nose in and lays against the cage while she's nipping at him from within. He's into everything, today he went under the wagon outside and climbed up a wood pile. OH and last night I took him to club and I brought him out to watch protection and my husband took the puppy tug and swung it and he chased it and grabbed it and would not let it go and was shaking it all around. I have him sitting for a treat in fact he's so smart he sits before asked. He has alot of the same characteristics that Nitro my dog that passed had and I hope they carry over into adulthood. Gotta lovee thos PS czech lines. He'll be at WUSV with me so I hope we get to see you and thanks for the little MONSTER. :)


Yukon, SAR dog

Mike, I purchased a dog from you in March and wanted to give you an update on the progress. At 5 ½ months old, Yukon is very healthy and weighs around 55 lbs. and is advancing very well above my expectations. He has very solid nerves is extremely social and gets along great with kids and other dogs. Now that the weather is nice, I have been working him at least 4 times a week on shorter problems and 1-2 times a week with longer problems. He has a very high drive for cadaver work and can find 6 sources easily in a mid size area all off lead. He is very visual so I have been hiding the sources and he is still spot on. Recently we had a working seminar in the mountains near here and there were some very hard problems set out for the older dogs. I decided to let my dog try it since I knew where a couple of the items were. He found those without issue but what surprised me was as we were returning to camp and he was playing with his toy, he began to show his signs that he was working again. I figured that the wind was blowing the scent down the hill from where we came so I gave him his command again and thought we would be going back to the original location. To my surprise he took me to an area that had cadaver dirt buried below a tree. This was very encouraging since I didn’t know it was there and didn’t have the opportunity to guide him in. This area was about ½ mile square in varying terrain with both cadaver and HRD. His tracking is also going very well. He will complete a wilderness track a little over ½ mile that has been aged about 2 hours. I just began urban tracking with him and that is going excellent also. He has a very high toy drive and I can tell when we are getting close because he really pulls hard into his harness. He has been introduced to water and will swim out past where he can touch and will put his head under water to retrieve the cadaver toy article. Once again, I want to thank you for the excellent line of dogs that you are putting out and I would most definitely purchase another dog from you. I feel that no matter what I wanted to train this dog for he would pick up on it quickly and with great enthusiasm. One side note, he is in puppy kindergarten for obedience and socialization and he does seem to get bored with the menial tasks of having to sit and walk circles etc… I think he likes doing things that are a little more challenging than that. I will keep you posted on the progress. I am sending some pictures for you.

Thank you, Mike Bailly Helena, MT True North Search Dogs

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